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HAUL & REVIEW: Beauty Shopping at the Korean Mini Mart June 4, 2012

Wow… It’s been awhile since I last wrote… got so busy with my new work… (ergo: new role, new demands, new responsibilities) technically not so new since I already got my permanency letter yay!!! Anyway, I’m back and I will definitely make more effort to write more about the things that keep me sane and relaxed…

I was craving for the creamy sweet Korean Ice cream – Melona the other day so as I entered the Korean mini-mart, and headed for the freezer, there was this small shelf beside the check-out counter that caught my eye… make-up!!! Korean make-up in general is pretty good. It’s good quality and the packaging is usually really cute 😀 So to cut it short, I checked out the beauty shelf and got myself a small haul:

  • Rucy’s Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil – Grey > Php 60.00 ~ approx $ 1.39

  • Rucy’s Vanity Lipstick – Red > Php 120.00 ~ approx $ 2.79

  • Ludon Lipstick – Shade 25 (Bubblegum Pink) > Php 140.00 ~ approx $ 3.25

  • Purederm Make-up Cleansing Tissues > Php 29.00 ~ approx $ 0.67

Total damage: Php 349.00 or $ 8.10

myWPEdit Image

So were they worth a try?

They are pretty good considering the price point. I think they are pretty comparable, if not better than some drugstore brands.

1) Rucy’s Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Grey – It’s your regular twist up eyebrow pencil. It’s pretty hard to overdo the application since it comes off as light and you build it up with several strokes of the pencil. Being grey, it doesn’t give a harsh black hue on your brows. It still comes off as natural dark brows. Staying power is pretty good at about 5-6 hours.

myWPEdit Image

2) Rucy’s Vanity lipstick in Red – This is similar to the Revlon lip butters in my opinion as it comes off pretty sheer. The color is pretty build able but it won’t go as intense as your regular lipstick. If you want a natural looking red lips without looking like a pin-up girl, this lipstick will do the trick. Staying power on the lips is similar to lip balm but it does leave a flattering stain on your lips. This lipstick has this rose-scent about it that I am not so keen about. But the scent does go away after a few minutes… so if you are not so sensitive about smell, then I think you can rock this lipstick.

myWPEdit Image

Swatches – (Left) on my hand (Top Right) my bare lips (Bottom Right) with the lipstick

myWPEdit Image

3) Ludon Lipstick in #25 – This lipstick is in a flattering bubblegum pink color. It looks a bit matte but it’s really creamy and has a good feel on the lips. It stays on the lips for a good 4 hours (shorter if you eat or drink) before fading away. This lipstick has a vanilla scent (similar to MAC) that I like and as with the other lipstick, the scent goes away after a few minutes. I love this lipstick actually and I don’t mind retouching after several hours… really love the color… this shade of pink does not make me look washed out or weird (hehehe).

myWPEdit Image

4) PureDerm make-up cleansing tissues – It gets make-up off pretty well in my opinion. It has a refreshing scent that is not overpowering nor nauseating. I think it’s pretty convenient to carry in my bag as the size is pretty compact and it’s actually an effective make-up remover. I like how it did not break my skin out as my skin is pretty sensitive. So I also love this. 😀

myWPEdit Image

So I guess these are pretty good. If you are on a tight budget in terms of make-up, these are pretty good and would give you value for your money. So the next time you visit the Korean mini-mart, you might want to check out their cosmetics too apart from the yummy ice cream. 😀

(Extra Note) My friend purchased the Rucy’s mascara and she already got a second tube since she liked and finished off her first tube.


Musings: Catalogue Shopping – Avon Haul August 14, 2011

Avon has been in the cosmetic industry for as long as I can remember. They were actually the company where I first knew about catalogue shopping. I would stay at my mom’s clothing shop when I was little and there would be avon catalogues lying around. I would painstakingly browse each page and actually focus on the “kid’s” make up pages which would simply be pretty lip balms in fruit flavors packaged in strawberry shortcake like cartoons that had matching body powders and colognes. The lip balms smelled of strawberries and they would actually give you a hint of color similar to what cherry chiclets would do to your lips when you swipe them on your lips before actually chewing on them (I was a very resourceful child – if I can’t have lip colors, I find ways on normal kids’ sweets that have too much food coloring on them i.e. cherry chiclets and lipps candy…hehehe).

Anyway, Avon’s make-up collection has evolved through the years and they are now actually coming up with good but relatively affordable make-up products. As I grew up, I would save up my allowance to get one or two pieces of make-up from the catalogue. As I started working, I admit, I somehow snubbed Avon for Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Clinique… not because I thought these brands were better but more because I found these brands easier to purchase at the malls as opposed to Avon where I need to order it from an Avon agent and wait for the delivery… key word there is… wait. I’ve always been impatient and I hated waiting.

So lately, I’ve come across the newest avon catalogue from my mom’s friend and thought of hauling a few stuff… to see if they are worth the proverbial waiting time. They are still reasonably priced (Whole haul cost me Php726 ~ $17 for 4 items).

myWPEdit Image

I got the following (Detailed review on future post):

1) Dual ended eyeshadow + eye liner in Sunbeach sunshine : Php 199

2) Ultra Moisture-rich Mini Lipstick berry collection in Blushing Berry : Php 129

3) Ultra Moisture-rich Lipstick in Sheer Spice : Php 199

4) Ultra Moisture-rich Lipstick in Barely There : Php 199

Initial Swatches:

L-R Blushing Berry, Sheer Spice, Barely There and Eyeshadow/liner in Sunbeach sunshine

myWPEdit Image

Initial thoughts:

1) I think Avon products are hit or miss. In one collection, the texture of one product may be different from the other color (as with my experience on the Ultra Moisture Lipsticks that I got) although I was aware of the differences in terms of finish, still, I expected the texture to be somewhat similar if not consistent.

2) Ordering from a catalogue is a big risk in terms of the actual product you would be getting. The colors on the catalogue may look very lovely however, actual products may differ in a big way which is also the case with this order. Also, you would not be able to test the product itself to sample on yourself. This is the big advantage of buying from a counter where you are able to test the product and decide wether or not the product suits you before actually letting go of your money at the counter.

3) I still prefer buying my products from the cosmetic counters or shops. I was only happy with half of what I bought and I actually might give away the products that simply did not work for me (I still believe these may look better with other girls and maybe they just did not work for me)

Tips for Catalogue Shopping:

1) Search, search, and search – Use the internet. Ask friends. Search for reviews and swatches. If you read anything negative about it, search for other reviews. Do not be biased with one negative feedback if there are probably 5 more which says the product is acceptable.

2) Weed out – You have the tendency to overspend on catalogues because honestly, the pictures are just too inviting! and usually, catalogues have the promos which encourage you to buy more! Again, weed out!!! Pick out the color that you like the most and not end up getting all the colors available. 🙂

3) If, in spite of searching, you wanted to take a risk on a product, choose just 1 color to try. If you like it, then get the other colors the next time you buy, if not, then you only wasted your money on 1 product. 🙂

4) Enjoy… Have fun shopping.


Reviewing the Popular NYX Round Lipsticks July 9, 2011

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I guess among all make-up products, I am most addicted to blush and lipsticks/ lip balms. My lipstick collection is vast and probably ranges from drugstore to high-end… thanks to my very supportive mom and aunt… who always seem to remember me when they see make-up products. hehehe.

I have tried a wide range of drugstore lipsticks. There were misses of course and there are those hidden gems that would not burn your wallet to oblivion. One of those gems is NYX.

I did a bit of research on the NYX site to see the reason behind the name as it might be similar to ELF – Eyes Lips Face or to MAC – Make-up Art Cosmetics.

NYX /niks/ noun (Greek mythology) Goddess of the night.
NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night. So it’s not an acronym for anything but the name of the greek goddess.

Anyway, NYX produces quality make-up products and I would be reviewing my small collection of NYX round lipsticks.

The Round Lipstick is their basic lipstick so to speak. The colors are very pigmented and wear an average of 4-5 hours on me. It does not feather or bleed in terms of colors. It has a creamy, non-drying texture so you may or may not place a base of balm before applying the lipstick. Their color variety is absolutely massive!!! I counted 169 colors on their site and the range of colors is amazing from white (Helio), nudes to crimson red to black (Penelope). Choosing what you want to buy can be very tricky as you would want to buy most of the colors.

NYX is available at some mall retailers at jacked-up (but still reasonable) prices (Php260-300 ~ $6-7. On the NYX website, it’s priced at $4 or Php168). However, an alternative way to get them is through credible online stores (I will list my tried and trusted online sellers below) where they sell the round lipsticks from Php150-160 each. So yeah, I got mine through those sellers so I got them really cheap. 🙂

Here is my collection of the NYX round lipsticks and what I think about them:
1) Creamy Beige – nude beige shade. I don’t think this color alone looks good on my lips. It makes me look so pale (even sickly lol!) so I use this as a base and mix it with another lip color to mute down a loud lip color.

2) Hermes – pinkish nude beige…similar to milk chocolate in terms of shade. I like wearing this shade when I have dark or loud eye make-up. It gives enough color to make my lips look alive but not too loud as to steal the limelight from my eyes.

3) Thalia – milky pink beige; Similar to Hermes…only more on the pink side. This I also find a little too light for my skin tone. I also layer this shade with a darker colored lippie.

4) Doll – loud coral pink shade. It has orange undertones which make it a good color for tan-medium toned skin. This is a fun color for summer.

5) Gardenia – muted fuschia… leaning towards dark berry

6) Snow White – dark crimson blood red. I love this shade. It’s my favorite among my NYX lippies. It’s a blue-based red so it seems to match most skin tones. I love how this shade makes my skin look brighter. When I use this color, my eyes are nearly bare (skin-tone shadow, eyeliner and mascara) so as to make my lips the highlight of the look.

NYX Swatch2

(L-R) Creamy Beige, Hermes, Thalia
NYX Swatch3

(L-R) Doll, Gardenia, Snow White
NYX Swatch4

On my lips, here is how they look like:
TOP L-R: Creamy Beige, Hermes, Thalia
BOTTOM L-R: Doll, Gardenia, Snow White

NYX Lip swatch

To compare the pigmentation of these lipsticks, here is a pic of my bare lips. Notice how opaque the colors were on my lips above.


PROS: Wide variety of colors, creamy texture, long-lasting, good pigmentation and very affordable.

CONS: The scent in my opinion seems a tad bit strong. Too perfumey for a lip product although it’s tasteless, the scent may be an issue specially for people who are sensitive to scents. Availability in malls is sparse. I only know of 2 stores that sells these and both are in Glorietta, Makati. So for those uncomfortable in buying online, you might need to look for these stores in Glorietta.

At this price-point, I think NYX is a good brand. If you take out the scent from the equation, I think NYX can compete with high-end brands specially with their color variety (169?!?!?!), texture and pigmentation.

As promised, I got my lippies from 2 trusted online stores:
1) Get Sophisticated Online Store – I actually got a whole lot more than my NYX lippies from her. I also got my Urban Decay, Too-Faced Cosmetics and EOS balms from her. I probably had over 5 transactions with her and I never had any problems. You can also search for her on Facebook.

2) Vanity Room – I only bought from her once but the transaction went so smoothly and I was happy with my purchases.


REVIEW: Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Passion Fruit July 8, 2011

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I was sent an invitation to the Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick launch at Rustan’s last June 11. I honestly don’t have high-end lipsticks (e.g. Guerlain, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder etc.) and I was curious on how different is it from the mid-range (e.g. MAC, Smashbox) to drugstore brands (e.g. Maybelline, Revlon, NYX etc.).

The attendant at Rustans was very accommodating and never made me feel uncomfortable (Which is the case for a lot of high-end stores). She actually walked me through every color possible in their range. I liked most of the colors but since it was a pricey brand (Php1350 ~ about $31) I tried to eliminate colors in my head… one color stood out among the multitude of colors… Passion fruit. I wanted to try it on my lips because it swatched beautifully on my hand but I honestly don’t like trying samplers on my lips… nor do I want to spend on a pricey lipstick that might not look good on me. The attendant was nice enough to offer to sanitize the lippie for me to try. As soon as I tried it… I knew I had to have that shade. It was unique and I don’t have anything similar to it on my existing collection.


On the tube it had very visible shimmer chunks which I am not a fan of. But when I tried it, the shimmer chunks seemed to disappear on my lips. Instead, it made my lips look pretty… juicy even (lol!!!)… I fell in love… and it seemed to love my lips back.

Bare lips vs Passion fruit on lips:

The shade is a sheer berry red with silver micro shimmer. As you layer-on the color on your lips, it builds its intensity. You can go from flushed red lips (one coat) to classy crimson (about 2-3 coats) which makes the color a bit versatile. Office appropriate to date-night worthy lips in a matter of 2 swipes. The shimmer, as I have mentioned earlier is noticeable on the tube but when applied to the lips, it makes the lips look a tad bit plump or juicy. You would only see the shimmer when you wipe off the lipstick on a tissue.

The consistency of the lipstick is not dry nor is it creamy. I think it’s just the right level of moisture to keep the color on your lips for about 5-6 hours without the need for you to apply lip balm. It has a scent which is described as apricot (but I honestly don’t know how an apricot smells like) but I think its similar in scent to sweet tamarind (in my opinion). It’ not overpowering so it doesn’t bother me at all.

Passion fruit swatch…see the shimmer:

Buildable color which makes the shade quite flexible to probably most occassions; Makes your lips look pretty juicy; Moisturizing without sacrificing staying power of the color; Long-wearing; Packaging looks luxurious.

Expensive (I can’t think of anything else because that’s my only issue with this product)

This is actually my favorite lipstick at the moment… we are in a committed relationship. 😉 I think it’s worth the price. If I finish this tube, I might consider buying this again.

Oh… since I got my lippie at their event, look at the extra goodies I got:

2 chocolate truffles from Bizu specially made for the event and…

a cute pink and gold Estee Lauder cellphone charm 😀 (I’m a sucker for cute freebies… so sue me! 😛 )

So yeah, I’m loving this lippie big time. I got this in Rustans Makati branch. 🙂


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