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REVIEW: Revlon Lip Butters June 4, 2012

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I always loved lip balm. My sister can attest to the fact that I finish up lip balms really fast (Flattened out my EOS lip balm in 3 months… true story 😉 ) I love my lip balms but I always wished they had a bit of color on it so I can just wear 1 product instead of layering on the lip balm and my lipstick.

The first tinted lip balm I had was the Blistex Lip Tone… I didn’t feel that it gave enough tint. I felt it just made my lips look even but not enough color for me to forgo lipstick.

The next product I tried was Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Merlot. This is a very pigmented lip balm… however, this seemed more like a lipstick than a lip balm. It did have the minty tingle of the lip balm, however, it seemed to dry my lips out… Although I did use this up until the thin tube was empty as I really loved the color and chose to use a separate lip balm beneath it.

So anyway, I have actually tried several brands which didn’t give me the effect I wanted so when I saw these lip butters launched, I was actually a bit skeptical on how pigmented they are and at the same time how moisturizing they feel on the lips. I have seen multiple blogs raving about the Revlon lip butters… so I decided to give it a go.

I initially bought 1 lip butter – Raspberry Pie. To see if its worth the hype it was getting online… and it was indeed worth it. I loved how it moisturizes my lips and at the same time have lipstick-like pigmentation on my lips. 😀 Yay!!! But I think not all colors have huge pigmentation… there are pretty sheer colors available too. I guess I just chose the colors with a lot of color pay-off when swiped on the lips.

So I ended up having 3 colors on my collection – Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart and Tutti Frutti

myWPEdit Image

1) Raspberry Pie – a warm fuschia-berry tone. I love how bold the color is and yet its not screaming for attention. It actually makes my skin tone seems lighter. This is actually my favorite among the bunch.

2) Tutti Frutti – is a bright tangerine color. It’s a wearable orange hue that is flattering for most skin tones. When I use this I only use about 1-2 layers max so as not to make it too loud a lip color.

3) Sweet Tart – On the tube, it seems like a dark salmon color but when swatched, it’s actually a light pink shade (similar to carnation pink on the Crayola box 😀 ). I actually look weird when I wear light pink lipsticks so I was a bit iffy with this color when I swatched it on my hand and quite relieved that it actually looks good on my lips.

Swatches L-R –> Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti, Raspberry Pie

myWPEdit Image

On my lips they looked like these:

myWPEdit Image


1) Moisturizing – They do keep my lips soft and smooth. The lip lines are not that noticeable.

2) The feel light on my lips unlike some lip products where it feels a bit heavy and sticky (I’m not sure if I made sense hehehe).

3) Buildable color – you can choose to have a sheer application (1 swipe) or have intense color by swiping it on your lips several times.

4) Very pigmented – at least from the colors I chose they were really pigmented

5) For a tinted lip balm, they do last pretty well (about 4 hours)

6) It has a faint vanilla smell (like MAC lippies) which I actually do not notice anymore after using the lip butters several times.


1) A little pricey for Php 525 (approx $12… these lip butters only sell for about $7 in the US). But if I am not mistaken, I got my other 2 lip butters at 10% off during a mall-wide sale… So I guess you just need to watch out for those sales to make the price a little bearable.

2) Tube is a bit difficult to open – Not really sure if it’s just me but I tend to have difficulty opening the tube. It has a tendency to slip since the bottom portion visible to hold on to is a little small. So I’m really careful when I open it.

3) It easily melts – I guess it’s living up to its “butter” consistency. You have to be careful not to expose your bag to sunlight or heat or leave your lip butters in hot areas as they easily melt. I know I have limited sunlight exposure when I travel to work and yet, they somehow melt to the sides of the tube. I’m a bit OC on my lipsticks – I hate it when they melt to the sides of the tube and make a mess when I twist it down. 😦

Considering the pros and cons of the Revlon Lip butters, I still love them and have been using them on a daily basis since I got them. If I use them up, I might consider repurchasing them.


REVIEW: Clinique Chubby Stick in Whole Lotta Honey July 19, 2011

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When I was in college, my mom gave me my first make-up palette… A Clinique travel palette which had a cheek color, 2 shadows, a lip gloss and a lip color. I can never forget the lip color – “Baby Kiss” since it was the perfect lip color, in my opinion, at that time (a million years ago hahaha). I loved how moisturizing it is and how it nearly matches my lip color. Also, I adored the name – “Baby Kiss” it seemed so innocent and sweet… almost bordering on adorable. If I am not mistaken, i finished the lip color way ahead of the other products in that palette. I even had my mom buy me the lipstick after I finished the one on the palette. I loved it that much.

Fast forward to 2011, Baby Kiss now long forgotten, Clinique launches Chubby Stick – moisturizing lip colour balm. In short, a tinted lip balm in a unique packaging. 😀 The chubby sticks, at first glance, looks like a jumbo pencil with a snazzy silver pencil top. When I initially saw the pictures, I was already thinking if I still need a sharpener for that pencil size…BUT NO… It’s a twist up balm that looks like a pencil (Whew, I was glad it was a twist up balm and not a lip color pencil since lip color pencils of this size are usually a pain to sharpen as the product ends up making a mess of your sharpener making you waste product as well as effort in cleaning up your poor sharpener).


I wanted several of the colors from the collection. I’m so not good with the exact names but I wanted the watermelon, grape and strawberry. However, by the time I reached Rustan’s all the chubby sticks were already sold out. When I asked when they would be available, they were not sure when they would have more. So I just chalked up chubby sticks as something not meant to be mine (along with the MAC venomous villains collection.) So imagine my joy when I went to the duty-free mall and saw that they were available in all the colors I wanted. I swatched each color and ended up getting something that was not on my original short list – “Whole Lotta Honey”. The color on the tube looks dark – similar to NYX’s Hermes only darker, a cross between plum and old rose – definitely not attractive to me.


However, when swatched, it’s a sheer color which seems like dark beige with peachy pink undertones. It was “Baby Kiss” reincarnated… 🙂 My ultimate MLBB color.


On my lips, it was “Baby Kiss” reincarnated… 🙂

The formula is very moisturizing and as with most tinted lip balms, the color is sheer and staying power is not that long. It lasts 2-3 hours, shorter when you eat or drink as the color would wash off. Although this balm is said to be scent free, when I initially swatched the balm, it smelled old. When I opened my chubby stick, it was the initial smell – like a bad old lipstick. However, upon application, you really would not smell or taste anything and the “old lipstick” scent somehow disappears.

PROS: Handy packaging, twist up mechanism, moisturizing, I love the color, lots of product @ .10oz.

CONS: Initial smell, availability, though i love the twist up mechanism, I think it would be difficult to maintain the pencil-like tip as you use it. Having the rounded-out tips might make application less precise for some.

I loved Baby Kiss then, I am loving “Whole Lotta Honey” now. This is a perfect summer lip color which you could pair with a bit of bronzer on the cheeks for that fresh, summer and effortless look.


REVIEW: Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint November 6, 2010

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The stores are now decking their display shelves with holiday collections.  I am a holiday-loving girl and I like gawking at the pretty holiday displays.  Lush is one of the stores I frequent because I simply love their soaps and shampoos (I am currently addicted to their Curly Wurly shampoo – which is another review altogether :D). So anyway, as I entered the store, the sales people are just un-boxing their holiday stocks and one of the items I was waiting for is the Snow fairy bath gel… I saw them un-boxing a new item – the snow fairy lip tint!!!

I immediately wanted to purchase both but since they were still in the inventory phase, I was asked to come back… but I made sure I already got my snow fairies reserved – both the bath gel and the lip tint… I love the snow fairy bath gel that I just had to try the tint.

Before I make any beauty purchase, I read blogs to somehow help me make a wise purchase (and control my spending to quality finds :P). I was already warned that although the product is good, it does not help much on the “tint” area for pigmented lips.  I turned a blind eye and still pushed through with buying one since it really smelled great and it has this really pretty dark pink shade.

Consistency – it has a creamy consistency not the least bit waxy.  It glides smoothly on the lips.  It’s creamier than the normal Lush lip balms but I’m thinking it’s not supposed to be like a balm since it is supposed to be a lip tint. It is moisturizing and makes my lips feel really soft.

Color pay-off – as you can see on the swatch above, it has a lovely shade of pink and with a little blending, it has a healthy looking pinkish color.  I have read in one of my favorite beauty blogs (Musings of a Muse) that she used it as cheek color and it worked really well.  I tried that and it actually does show a nice hint of color on my cheeks (although it is a lip tint). On my lips however (pic below~on the left is my nude lips and on the right are my lips with snow fairy), it was uneventful and it only looked as if I had lip balm on my pigmented lips.  Maybe on pale-colored lips, this tint would look like a natural flush of color.

Smell – It actually smells like the snow fairy bath gel! 😀 It has a bubble-gummy scent that I like.

Price – Php 325 ~ Roughly $7

Overall, I think this product is ok for pale-colored lips as it would give a nice natural tint. For me, it is currently serving the purpose of both a lip balm and cheek tint since it actually looks nicer on my cheeks :D.  It gives a healthy flushed look.

Tip: Use it on the cheeks as base color then sweep a highlighting powder (i used smashbox soft lights) on top.  You’d get a natural blush with a dewy effect.  Since the lip tint is also moisturizing, it helps hold the highlighting powder.



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