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2011 in review January 1, 2012

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,400 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


MUSINGS: Winning an Invite to the Clinique Real Women Party @ Powerplant Mall, Rockwell November 6, 2011

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I have been a loyal follower of both local and foreign bloggers. They are my go-to resources when I want to try out new make-up. They make lives easier for careful make-up shoppers like me. They use the product, swatch the product, honestly tell you if a product is “the bomb” or it basically “sucks” big time. They painstakingly take the time to write detailed reviews of products in a manner which both educates you and at the same time entertain you.


One of my favorite blogs is Project Vanity. Why do I love reading her blogs? Liz (Lanuzo) is very honest with her opinion, gives useful swatches, suggestions and her manner of writing is very engaging. She emails her readers to warn them of a product which somehow had a delayed side effect on her (late break outs etc) which is the case for me, and I was thankful for her candid email which also gave me other brands to try instead.


Anyway, I recently transferred companies and that made me forget blogging as well as reading blogs since I am adjusting to my new work and concentrated more in getting settled. During the long holiday, having free time, I updated myself to reading blogs and saw Liz’s post on “My Clinique Experience”. Growing up to a mom who uses Clinique… I just had to comment (and join her contest! 🙂 )


Here is my comment (entry):

” I grew up to a mom who is very loyal to Clinique. I probably can pick out the clinique toner as a toddler or identify the clinique make-up from a stash based on packaging alone. The unique green packaging always intrigued me as I grew up… and eventually used until now that I have been working for x number of years.

My first make-up set was Clinique (given by my mom of course). I was fresh out of high school and trying to make a good impression at college. It was a set of 2 eyeshadows, a blush, and 2 lip colors… I was a loyal follower ever since.That set used together with my Clinique face powder always made me look “blooming” to friends and made me look “put together” as per a few of my admirers then hahaha.

A lot of girls would save up their allowance to buy clothes and shoes… I saved mine to be able to buy my clinique make-up. I tried to use cheaper face powders but I always ended up with my skin breaking out… so I saved up my allowance to be able to have a steady supply of my clinique face powder and continue my love with the clinique “Baby kiss” lip color then.

So my relationship with Clinique withstood the test of time. I have grown up with Clinique and would probably be recommending it to my future daughter the way my mom introduced me to Clinique.”


I commented not expecting to win. But… after a long day at work, I saw this on my mailbox:

myWPEdit Image

I panicked since the email was sent at 2pm and I was at work (we surrender our mobile phones to the guards so I was not able to read my personal emails until I got hold of my mobile after work) and was able to read the email around 2am… way past the 2-hour window to respond. But hoping against hope, I replied to the email stating that I just got out of work and saw the email… that I was hoping that I’m still the one going to the event…


I slept…


and woke up to Liz’s email that I am still going… yay!!! 🙂


So the event was at the Powerplant mall… Liz looked fabulous in her black and white bandage dress with her black leather motorcycle jacket… I was a bit embarrassed with my casual yellow top and jeans…


So off to the party…


I met the other bloggers that I follow (It had a starstruck effect on me… believe me hehehe). I got a skin consultation and a make over… It was an absolutely fun afternoon with Liz and the other bloggers like Shen, Nikki, and Lauren.


The gift from Clinique and the dinner was a huge cherry on top of this fun afternoon (to night).


Beauty Bloggers Unite!!!

myWPEdit Image

The products used…

myWPEdit Image


My make-up artist!

myWPEdit Image


Happy chit chat over dinner @Kulinarya

myWPEdit Image

My loot bag!!!

myWPEdit Image

myWPEdit Image

Thank you again Liz and Clinique for choosing my entry… It was great meeting you at last… It was a fun day for me. 😉


Semi-Massive Online Haul: GetSophisticated Online store August 21, 2011

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Get Sophisticated Online store has been one of my go-to online shop for my cosmetic fix for brands not available locally (Urban Decay, NYX, Too-Faced Cosmetics, EOS etc.). She is very reliable, her prices are relatively reasonable if you consider international shipping, customs taxes etc. when you do purchase the items yourself, directly from the products site (also, like UD and Sephora, they do not accept internationally-issued credit cards).

I always have smooth transactions with Shirlina (owner of Get Sophisticated site) and she would patiently answer my questions on some products I am not so sure of in terms of colors etc. Delivery was prompt and I honestly never had problems dealing with her.

Sadly, she is going abroad to study so she is closing up shop (sniff…sniff). She had a closing out sale and of course, I took advantage of the items I wanted before but were a bit if-fy on the price.

I sent in my order/payment last Monday and I got confirmation the same day that my items would be shipped Tuesday and voila, got them last Thursday!!!

Here is my package:

myWPEdit Image

Here is how she packs my precious items:

(first layer – bubble wrap… just love popping these up after hehehe)

myWPEdit Image

(second layer – another layer of wrapping)

myWPEdit Image

Here’s what I bought:

myWPEdit Image

Awww… and here are the freebies (lots of them)!!!

myWPEdit Image

Review of the items on future posts (I know!!! I am delayed on my posts… been really busy at work and haven’t had enough time to write and crop pictures 😦 … It will be better when things wind down a bit at work)

I will miss you Shirlina! It was really great doing business with you… hopefully I’d still get to do business with you should I decide on selling make-up. Good luck!!!

As for me, I am honestly set with my current beauty stash. I promise not to buy (fingers crossed) anymore stuff until I finish reviewing everything I have on my list of beauty loot to review.

Let me know which of these babies you would want me to review first. 😉


My Comfort-Me Habit June 26, 2011

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A lot of people deal with a bad day, bad news, or simply feeling under the weather by what you call “Retail Therapy” which, oftentimes end up spending a lot of money on a pair of awesome heels, or that much-too-expensive-dress, or sometimes a gadget that when you get home, you feel awfully guilty for spending that much on something you don’t really need.

I am guilty of the same habit but with a twist – I don’t buy much. My therapy is going through the department store beauty area and scour aisle per aisle for what is new may it be that new Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Palette or that new Majolica Majorca blush… It can even be the new Etude House nail polish. I limit my comfort-me therapy to swatching new stuff, going through the aisles… and if something stands out from my swatching, I might end up buying (if my budget for the month permits) it to be part of my collection.

When I went to Sephora in Singapore, I was in Cosmetic Heaven. I was in Bliss… Too bad there is no Sephora here in Manila. Otherwise their Sales people would probably know me by name by now hahaha.


I guess I’m just sharing… Cause I absolutely feel bad at this moment and at this late hour I can’t rush to the mall and get myself comforted. 😦


Hello world! September 22, 2010

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I am just one of a million girls who love make-up. I love to try out different brands, mix colors, textures etc. I like trying new things (as long as they are reasonably priced and do not have adverse reaction to my skin of course 🙂 ). All of my reviews would be based from my personal experience with the product and what I honestly think about it. I bought these myself so you can be assured of my honest opinion. Of course, make-up products work differently for different people… some may like it, some don’t… some may look good in one shade and ugly in another.  I will be sharing as well where I got a certain brand/make-up as there are some American brands that are not easily available in Asia.

Anyway, feel free to share as well so we can all learn from each other… we make-up addicts need to stick together 😉 .


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