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HAUL & REVIEW: Beauty Shopping at the Korean Mini Mart June 4, 2012

Wow… It’s been awhile since I last wrote… got so busy with my new work… (ergo: new role, new demands, new responsibilities) technically not so new since I already got my permanency letter yay!!! Anyway, I’m back and I will definitely make more effort to write more about the things that keep me sane and relaxed…

I was craving for the creamy sweet Korean Ice cream – Melona the other day so as I entered the Korean mini-mart, and headed for the freezer, there was this small shelf beside the check-out counter that caught my eye… make-up!!! Korean make-up in general is pretty good. It’s good quality and the packaging is usually really cute 😀 So to cut it short, I checked out the beauty shelf and got myself a small haul:

  • Rucy’s Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil – Grey > Php 60.00 ~ approx $ 1.39

  • Rucy’s Vanity Lipstick – Red > Php 120.00 ~ approx $ 2.79

  • Ludon Lipstick – Shade 25 (Bubblegum Pink) > Php 140.00 ~ approx $ 3.25

  • Purederm Make-up Cleansing Tissues > Php 29.00 ~ approx $ 0.67

Total damage: Php 349.00 or $ 8.10

myWPEdit Image

So were they worth a try?

They are pretty good considering the price point. I think they are pretty comparable, if not better than some drugstore brands.

1) Rucy’s Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Grey – It’s your regular twist up eyebrow pencil. It’s pretty hard to overdo the application since it comes off as light and you build it up with several strokes of the pencil. Being grey, it doesn’t give a harsh black hue on your brows. It still comes off as natural dark brows. Staying power is pretty good at about 5-6 hours.

myWPEdit Image

2) Rucy’s Vanity lipstick in Red – This is similar to the Revlon lip butters in my opinion as it comes off pretty sheer. The color is pretty build able but it won’t go as intense as your regular lipstick. If you want a natural looking red lips without looking like a pin-up girl, this lipstick will do the trick. Staying power on the lips is similar to lip balm but it does leave a flattering stain on your lips. This lipstick has this rose-scent about it that I am not so keen about. But the scent does go away after a few minutes… so if you are not so sensitive about smell, then I think you can rock this lipstick.

myWPEdit Image

Swatches – (Left) on my hand (Top Right) my bare lips (Bottom Right) with the lipstick

myWPEdit Image

3) Ludon Lipstick in #25 – This lipstick is in a flattering bubblegum pink color. It looks a bit matte but it’s really creamy and has a good feel on the lips. It stays on the lips for a good 4 hours (shorter if you eat or drink) before fading away. This lipstick has a vanilla scent (similar to MAC) that I like and as with the other lipstick, the scent goes away after a few minutes. I love this lipstick actually and I don’t mind retouching after several hours… really love the color… this shade of pink does not make me look washed out or weird (hehehe).

myWPEdit Image

4) PureDerm make-up cleansing tissues – It gets make-up off pretty well in my opinion. It has a refreshing scent that is not overpowering nor nauseating. I think it’s pretty convenient to carry in my bag as the size is pretty compact and it’s actually an effective make-up remover. I like how it did not break my skin out as my skin is pretty sensitive. So I also love this. 😀

myWPEdit Image

So I guess these are pretty good. If you are on a tight budget in terms of make-up, these are pretty good and would give you value for your money. So the next time you visit the Korean mini-mart, you might want to check out their cosmetics too apart from the yummy ice cream. 😀

(Extra Note) My friend purchased the Rucy’s mascara and she already got a second tube since she liked and finished off her first tube.


REVIEW: Majolica Majorca Brow Customize Pencil July 15, 2011

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My eyebrows are probably the easiest area in my face to maintain. I thank God everyday that I don’t need to have regular waxing or plucking to keep them groomed. I just need to have the occasional plucking of stray hairs to make them look perfect. Otherwise I am good to go.

I always wanted to get a good brow pencil though to enhance how my brows look like. I wanted to get a pencil that would not make my brows look too drawn in… I just want something to make them look naturally dark.

I was so happy to discover the Majolica Majorca Brow Customize Pencil in one of my visits to their counter in SM Makati.

The pencil has 2 parts – the brow color (I chose the sword cut as it was very easy to use in my opinion as opposed to the pencil tip) and the brow holder:

The color and the holder are sold separately. The color retails for Php295 while the holder for Php225. I think it was very practical for Majolica to have that option of just buying a refill for the color instead of buying the whole thing. It encourages you to buy again and just pay Php295 for the refill rather than Php520 for the whole thing. The holder houses a brow brush which makes the application process easier and makes you achieve that natural dark brows.

Photos Top (L-R): The holder and color unattached, The sword tip (front view), The sword tip (side view) Photos Bottom: The whole pencil with the holder and color attached

I got the dark brown color (BR660). I love how easily this applies on my brows and how it stays there. Application is a breeze as you just have to lightly fill-in your brows with the color then use the brow brush after to smudge the color and remove any harsh lines. It lasts me the whole day and the color does not migrate to any other area when rubbed so you can actually pull off natural dark brown brows with these babies. 😀

See the comparison of No color (L) vs With color (R):

PROS: Affordable, Easy to use, color stays the whole day while it’s easy to wash off with just facial wash, makes brows look naturally dark, handy size so it’s easy to fit into your make-up bag. The twist-up function of the tip works well unlike other make-up brands where you twist up and it would already refuse to twist down.

CONS: I have nothing bad to say here as I absolutely love this product and been using it everyday since I got it.

TIP: To make your brows more prominent, blend in a highlighter below the brows and above it.

I love, love, love this. Finally found my HG (Holy Grail) eyebrow pencil. I actually might be refilling it anytime soon 😉

These are available at all Majolica Majorca stores and counters. I got mine from their counter in SM Makati. Their sales rep there is an angel – very helpful, nice and patient with fickle buyer like me hahaha. 🙂


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