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Preview: TheBalm Limited Edition Muppets Cast Your Shadow Palette August 25, 2011

I think by now, based on my blog entries, you would have guessed that I had a pretty happy, normal childhood. I played in the streets, scraped my knees and elbows, knew pretty much all of the famous Filipino street games like Tumbang preso, Patintero, shakto (not sure of the spelling), football with a filipino twist – instead of a rubber ball, we use those plastic balls that were made to look like basketball and were a huge pain when you actually get hit by it (dodge ball style).

I grew up forced to take afternoon naps (which I so miss and want to take every single day hahaha) and in the afternoon, I am glued to watching cartoons like Thunder Cats (which now have a completely gross meaning), Street frogs and Karate Cat. Mornings are spent watching Sesame Street and Saturday afternoons are my favorite because The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock is up. A lot of kids nowadays are no longer familiar of the Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock.

For my generation, let me refresh your memory… For the younger generation, let me introduce you to these magical and very entertaining group of puppets.

FRAGGLE ROCK: They live in caves and are simply a crazy bunch of muppets that love to sing and dance and from time to time get into mischief.

myWPEdit Image

THE MUPPET SHOW: These are at channel 9 think around 5 or 6pm. It’s a show with different hilarious segments.

myWPEdit Image

My favorites are the Swedish Chef (i honestly don’t understand everything he says but he is so freakin’ hilarious)

myWPEdit Image

and the 2 grumpy men on the balcony

myWPEdit Image

Anyway, I love them. They never cease to remind me that I absolutely had a grand time as a kid. So I do read a lot of tweets and beauty blogs so imagine my excitement when I heard that one of my favorite make-up brands – theBalm (locally available at the Beauty Bar), is actually releasing a make-up palette to commemorate the Muppet Movie being released this year I think.

TheBalm is probably one of the brands that do not get that much attention but are actually releasing very good quality make-up. They are comparable if not better than Urban Decay and MAC on the texture of their shadows, blushes, powders and even lipsticks. Their shadows are very buttery and soft. The color pay-off is very amazing as well. I honestly can’t say anything bad about their products as they are really of good quality. So the next time you visit Beauty Bar, try taking notice of theBalm’s counter so you can see for yourself how great their products are.

Here is a pic tweeted by @cardellino:

myWPEdit Image

On theBalm site, its described as:

“The perfect cast with the perfect shadows! Our Limited Edition palette contains all of your favorite Muppets in one multi-use face palette. With 16 gorgeous shadows/liners, 2 lip/cheek stains, and 1 lip gloss you’ll be able to create your best looks. With colors such as “Wocka, Wocka” and “Great Gonzo”, you’ll feel the Muppet Frenzy with every look. Complete with mirror and dual-ended brush, this palette has everything you need to get you ready for your starring role.”

Its an awesome, creative palette. You get a ton of product and the packaging is absolutely adorable. The color choices are a good mix of neutrals with a few pops of color thrown in. Muppet + Make-up + TheBalm = Heaven for me. 😀 The palette costs $44.50.

Since it’s a limited edition palette – only 1000 sets will be manufactured. So I’m not quite sure if the muppets palette will actually reach our local beauty bar stores. 😦 I already resigned myself to the fact that I will not get my hands on that palette when I first saw the promo photos.


Thank God for twitter, yesterday, theBalm announced that it is opening 300 sets for pre-order by simply sending an email with your name and how many you plan to purchase (limiting 2 per household). So excited as I was, I immediately sent an email with a prayer that I am part of the first 300.

When I got home from work today, opened my email and there it was… the lovely email confirming that I got in the list (Hurray!!! woohoo!!! back flips several times over). The email gives me a one-time link and when I click on the link, I am led to theBalm page which enabled me to pre-order for the set:

myWPEdit Image

So I ordered up, paid (after which I semi regretted for ordering just 1 palette… should have ordered 2 so a friend could have gotten her hands on the palette too… got too excited and did not think… dang!)… and now I shall comfortably wait for its delivery by early October.

For those who are not able to pre-order, do not fret as theBalm announced that they are releasing the same palette colors and contents for the holidays and it would be called TheBalm & The Beautiful. 😉 I was after the Muppet theme and packaging, hence, the effort of really ordering and patiently waiting for the delivery. So if you’re interested in the color combinations, you can then wait for the holiday release in December – where Beauty Bar always seem to get a stock of.

So I will definitely review as soon as I receive this by early October. :):):)


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