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REVIEW: Clinique Chubby Stick in Whole Lotta Honey July 19, 2011

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When I was in college, my mom gave me my first make-up palette… A Clinique travel palette which had a cheek color, 2 shadows, a lip gloss and a lip color. I can never forget the lip color – “Baby Kiss” since it was the perfect lip color, in my opinion, at that time (a million years ago hahaha). I loved how moisturizing it is and how it nearly matches my lip color. Also, I adored the name – “Baby Kiss” it seemed so innocent and sweet… almost bordering on adorable. If I am not mistaken, i finished the lip color way ahead of the other products in that palette. I even had my mom buy me the lipstick after I finished the one on the palette. I loved it that much.

Fast forward to 2011, Baby Kiss now long forgotten, Clinique launches Chubby Stick – moisturizing lip colour balm. In short, a tinted lip balm in a unique packaging. 😀 The chubby sticks, at first glance, looks like a jumbo pencil with a snazzy silver pencil top. When I initially saw the pictures, I was already thinking if I still need a sharpener for that pencil size…BUT NO… It’s a twist up balm that looks like a pencil (Whew, I was glad it was a twist up balm and not a lip color pencil since lip color pencils of this size are usually a pain to sharpen as the product ends up making a mess of your sharpener making you waste product as well as effort in cleaning up your poor sharpener).


I wanted several of the colors from the collection. I’m so not good with the exact names but I wanted the watermelon, grape and strawberry. However, by the time I reached Rustan’s all the chubby sticks were already sold out. When I asked when they would be available, they were not sure when they would have more. So I just chalked up chubby sticks as something not meant to be mine (along with the MAC venomous villains collection.) So imagine my joy when I went to the duty-free mall and saw that they were available in all the colors I wanted. I swatched each color and ended up getting something that was not on my original short list – “Whole Lotta Honey”. The color on the tube looks dark – similar to NYX’s Hermes only darker, a cross between plum and old rose – definitely not attractive to me.


However, when swatched, it’s a sheer color which seems like dark beige with peachy pink undertones. It was “Baby Kiss” reincarnated… 🙂 My ultimate MLBB color.


On my lips, it was “Baby Kiss” reincarnated… 🙂

The formula is very moisturizing and as with most tinted lip balms, the color is sheer and staying power is not that long. It lasts 2-3 hours, shorter when you eat or drink as the color would wash off. Although this balm is said to be scent free, when I initially swatched the balm, it smelled old. When I opened my chubby stick, it was the initial smell – like a bad old lipstick. However, upon application, you really would not smell or taste anything and the “old lipstick” scent somehow disappears.

PROS: Handy packaging, twist up mechanism, moisturizing, I love the color, lots of product @ .10oz.

CONS: Initial smell, availability, though i love the twist up mechanism, I think it would be difficult to maintain the pencil-like tip as you use it. Having the rounded-out tips might make application less precise for some.

I loved Baby Kiss then, I am loving “Whole Lotta Honey” now. This is a perfect summer lip color which you could pair with a bit of bronzer on the cheeks for that fresh, summer and effortless look.


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  1. Juliet Says:

    Very nice pictures, I love the way you do your reviews. You are such a pretty girl, I just love to read your blog.

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