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REVIEW: Lush “It Started with a Kiss” Lip Tint July 14, 2011

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When I want the “no-make-up” make-up look, lip tints are my go-to lip products. They last longer (even if you eat and drink a lot), they don’t transfer on your glass, tissue or the cheeks of your man 😉 Given the right shade, you can pull-off a “i-was-born-with-red-lips” quite easily.

A quick lesson on lip tints:
1) As the name implies, its a tint. It’s a sheer wash of color on your lips which has better staying power than lip gloss or lipstick.

2) Lip tints, are not moisturizing. I still use lip balm as I go through the day to keep my lips moisturized and to prevent them from chapping or peeling.

3) When you use a lip tint, make sure you exfoliate your lips (TIP: After brushing your teeth, run your toothbrush across your lips to remove any dead skin) otherwise, the peeling skin (should you have any) are magnified as the tint usually tends to cling more color on them.

I made a review earlier on the Lush lip tint in snow fairy. I was not that happy with the pigmentation of snow fairy as it was too light and did not do much on my slightly pigmented lips.


Lush released another lip tint a few months later – “It Started with a Kiss”. This lip tint is seriously pigmented. It looks scary on the pan as it is bright red. But fear not, it doesn’t go that rich on the lips. With just one sweep, it gives the lips a nice “just bitten” or “just kissed” shade of red. It smells like sweet cinnamon gum… for those sensitive to scents, this might turn you off but personally, as long as it does not have that waxy taste, I am perfectly fine with scents.


I know this is labeled as a lip tint but I also use it as a cheek tint… it works and my very sensitive skin did not react to it at all… it gave me a natural looking blush which lasted me a good 6 hours or so.

notice on my lips, without balm underneath, it shows the lines more prominently as the color goes to every crease or crevice they see :S

@Php325, it’s pretty reasonably priced considering the fact that it can double as a cheek tint.

It’s perfect for those hot days where you want to avoid make-up because of how sticky or oily your face can get. Simply swipe the color on your lips and blend a bit on your cheeks and you’re fresh-faced and ready to go.

These are available at all Lush stores.


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