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Reviewing the Popular NYX Round Lipsticks July 9, 2011

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I guess among all make-up products, I am most addicted to blush and lipsticks/ lip balms. My lipstick collection is vast and probably ranges from drugstore to high-end… thanks to my very supportive mom and aunt… who always seem to remember me when they see make-up products. hehehe.

I have tried a wide range of drugstore lipsticks. There were misses of course and there are those hidden gems that would not burn your wallet to oblivion. One of those gems is NYX.

I did a bit of research on the NYX site to see the reason behind the name as it might be similar to ELF – Eyes Lips Face or to MAC – Make-up Art Cosmetics.

NYX /niks/ noun (Greek mythology) Goddess of the night.
NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night. So it’s not an acronym for anything but the name of the greek goddess.

Anyway, NYX produces quality make-up products and I would be reviewing my small collection of NYX round lipsticks.

The Round Lipstick is their basic lipstick so to speak. The colors are very pigmented and wear an average of 4-5 hours on me. It does not feather or bleed in terms of colors. It has a creamy, non-drying texture so you may or may not place a base of balm before applying the lipstick. Their color variety is absolutely massive!!! I counted 169 colors on their site and the range of colors is amazing from white (Helio), nudes to crimson red to black (Penelope). Choosing what you want to buy can be very tricky as you would want to buy most of the colors.

NYX is available at some mall retailers at jacked-up (but still reasonable) prices (Php260-300 ~ $6-7. On the NYX website, it’s priced at $4 or Php168). However, an alternative way to get them is through credible online stores (I will list my tried and trusted online sellers below) where they sell the round lipsticks from Php150-160 each. So yeah, I got mine through those sellers so I got them really cheap. 🙂

Here is my collection of the NYX round lipsticks and what I think about them:
1) Creamy Beige – nude beige shade. I don’t think this color alone looks good on my lips. It makes me look so pale (even sickly lol!) so I use this as a base and mix it with another lip color to mute down a loud lip color.

2) Hermes – pinkish nude beige…similar to milk chocolate in terms of shade. I like wearing this shade when I have dark or loud eye make-up. It gives enough color to make my lips look alive but not too loud as to steal the limelight from my eyes.

3) Thalia – milky pink beige; Similar to Hermes…only more on the pink side. This I also find a little too light for my skin tone. I also layer this shade with a darker colored lippie.

4) Doll – loud coral pink shade. It has orange undertones which make it a good color for tan-medium toned skin. This is a fun color for summer.

5) Gardenia – muted fuschia… leaning towards dark berry

6) Snow White – dark crimson blood red. I love this shade. It’s my favorite among my NYX lippies. It’s a blue-based red so it seems to match most skin tones. I love how this shade makes my skin look brighter. When I use this color, my eyes are nearly bare (skin-tone shadow, eyeliner and mascara) so as to make my lips the highlight of the look.

NYX Swatch2

(L-R) Creamy Beige, Hermes, Thalia
NYX Swatch3

(L-R) Doll, Gardenia, Snow White
NYX Swatch4

On my lips, here is how they look like:
TOP L-R: Creamy Beige, Hermes, Thalia
BOTTOM L-R: Doll, Gardenia, Snow White

NYX Lip swatch

To compare the pigmentation of these lipsticks, here is a pic of my bare lips. Notice how opaque the colors were on my lips above.


PROS: Wide variety of colors, creamy texture, long-lasting, good pigmentation and very affordable.

CONS: The scent in my opinion seems a tad bit strong. Too perfumey for a lip product although it’s tasteless, the scent may be an issue specially for people who are sensitive to scents. Availability in malls is sparse. I only know of 2 stores that sells these and both are in Glorietta, Makati. So for those uncomfortable in buying online, you might need to look for these stores in Glorietta.

At this price-point, I think NYX is a good brand. If you take out the scent from the equation, I think NYX can compete with high-end brands specially with their color variety (169?!?!?!), texture and pigmentation.

As promised, I got my lippies from 2 trusted online stores:
1) Get Sophisticated Online Store – I actually got a whole lot more than my NYX lippies from her. I also got my Urban Decay, Too-Faced Cosmetics and EOS balms from her. I probably had over 5 transactions with her and I never had any problems. You can also search for her on Facebook.

2) Vanity Room – I only bought from her once but the transaction went so smoothly and I was happy with my purchases.


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