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MUSINGS: CAS Makati Basic Make-up Artistry Workshop July 3, 2011

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I am an admitted frustrated make-up artist. I have loved make-up and applying such for as long as I can remember. My mom was cool enough to indulge me on that since I was a teen. She would buy me pressed face powders and lip balms. She would let me dabble on her expensive make-up… love her for her hand on this artistic madness that I have. I would like to think that I am an artistic person and I have dabbled before in drawing, painting, sketching… I still do a bit of that from time to time. My notebook probably has a gajillion doodles surrounding meeting notes hahaha. However, Make-up held my interest… it enhanced my artistic side… the side of me that I will never let go as this keeps me grounded… sane… human.

I am actually in search of a good make-up school here in Manila since I am decided on taking that step in taking that formal make-up artistry course. However, the tuition fees are quite pricey. I want to make sure that I will make the right decision on which school to enroll in.

I actually have 2 schools on my short-list:
1. Basement Academy
2. CAS (Center for Aesthetic Studies) Makati

Both schools are prestigious in producing quality graduates and I actually have friends who have graduated from both schools who are actually doing well on the business. I want to do this on my leisure time… when I’m off my day job (which I also love). I actually don’t plan on becoming a lead make-up artist (MUA) or anything… I simply plan on being a side kick or an additional MUA on fashion shows… while the lead MUA does the make-up on the bride, I simply want to be the one that does the bridesmaids or the flower girls. I leave the lead stuff to serious MUAs. I simply want to apply make-up hehehe.

I chanced upon a post of CAS Makati on a basic make-up workshop in partnership with MAC (yup! the popular make-up brand from Canada). I decided to take it to check how classes are with CAS. We were only asked to bring our make-up brushes. MAC supplied the make-up to be used (No, we did not get any 🙂 ).

The loot… I want them all!!!

Anyway, I realized in this workshop that in order for you to really maximize what you paid for:

1. You absolutely have to have no idea about make-up or make-up application. It was THAT basic. I felt that I only learned one or two things new.

2. Speak up! ASK, ASK, and ASK!!! Since this is a workshop, there were a few lectures thrown in but the rest of the time was really hands-on make-up application. If you keep quiet or not ask questions, you really would not learn much as the instructor would be teaching you as you ask your questions.

3. Keep your expectations at bay. As the post advertised – this is a personal make-up application workshop. It did not say that after the workshop, you would be capable of becoming a full-pledged MUA. I had people in my class stating – they were expecting to learn how to do bridal make-up… WTF??? Unless they wanted to do their OWN bridal make-up a la Kate Middleton, I don’t think they are in the right class. So READ, READ and READ!!! This will help you understand the coverage and keep your expectations reasonable.

4. Try the products out. All product lines of MAC were available. This is your opportunity to try all their products without feeling the pressure to buy something to try it out (i.e. beauty counters). Try all those bold colors! Be crazy! after all, its just make-up. You can wash it off if you don’t like it. At least you were able to see for yourself if the color suits you. 😉

5. Be open to suggestions The instructor really gives honest feedback on what colors suit you and the right color combination to use (i.e. blush and lipstick color should be in the same color family. Don’t use a berry lipstick with peach blush). If your eye make-up is loud, try a subtle lip color and vice versa.

Before make-up:

I like how my final look ended up:

I had fun in the workshop. I did not learn as much as I thought I would since it was really basic. It was my fault I guess that I somehow underestimated what I know. At least this made me realize that I am actually ready for the real pro make-up classes.

I heard that the next CAS Makati workshop would be in partnership with Shu Uemura. So if you’re interested, check it out.

CAS Makati Contact details: 897-0383 loc 103


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