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My Comfort-Me Habit June 26, 2011

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A lot of people deal with a bad day, bad news, or simply feeling under the weather by what you call “Retail Therapy” which, oftentimes end up spending a lot of money on a pair of awesome heels, or that much-too-expensive-dress, or sometimes a gadget that when you get home, you feel awfully guilty for spending that much on something you don’t really need.

I am guilty of the same habit but with a twist – I don’t buy much. My therapy is going through the department store beauty area and scour aisle per aisle for what is new may it be that new Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Palette or that new Majolica Majorca blush… It can even be the new Etude House nail polish. I limit my comfort-me therapy to swatching new stuff, going through the aisles… and if something stands out from my swatching, I might end up buying (if my budget for the month permits) it to be part of my collection.

When I went to Sephora in Singapore, I was in Cosmetic Heaven. I was in Bliss… Too bad there is no Sephora here in Manila. Otherwise their Sales people would probably know me by name by now hahaha.


I guess I’m just sharing… Cause I absolutely feel bad at this moment and at this late hour I can’t rush to the mall and get myself comforted. 😦


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