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REVIEW: Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint November 6, 2010

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The stores are now decking their display shelves with holiday collections.  I am a holiday-loving girl and I like gawking at the pretty holiday displays.  Lush is one of the stores I frequent because I simply love their soaps and shampoos (I am currently addicted to their Curly Wurly shampoo – which is another review altogether :D). So anyway, as I entered the store, the sales people are just un-boxing their holiday stocks and one of the items I was waiting for is the Snow fairy bath gel… I saw them un-boxing a new item – the snow fairy lip tint!!!

I immediately wanted to purchase both but since they were still in the inventory phase, I was asked to come back… but I made sure I already got my snow fairies reserved – both the bath gel and the lip tint… I love the snow fairy bath gel that I just had to try the tint.

Before I make any beauty purchase, I read blogs to somehow help me make a wise purchase (and control my spending to quality finds :P). I was already warned that although the product is good, it does not help much on the “tint” area for pigmented lips.  I turned a blind eye and still pushed through with buying one since it really smelled great and it has this really pretty dark pink shade.

Consistency – it has a creamy consistency not the least bit waxy.  It glides smoothly on the lips.  It’s creamier than the normal Lush lip balms but I’m thinking it’s not supposed to be like a balm since it is supposed to be a lip tint. It is moisturizing and makes my lips feel really soft.

Color pay-off – as you can see on the swatch above, it has a lovely shade of pink and with a little blending, it has a healthy looking pinkish color.  I have read in one of my favorite beauty blogs (Musings of a Muse) that she used it as cheek color and it worked really well.  I tried that and it actually does show a nice hint of color on my cheeks (although it is a lip tint). On my lips however (pic below~on the left is my nude lips and on the right are my lips with snow fairy), it was uneventful and it only looked as if I had lip balm on my pigmented lips.  Maybe on pale-colored lips, this tint would look like a natural flush of color.

Smell – It actually smells like the snow fairy bath gel! 😀 It has a bubble-gummy scent that I like.

Price – Php 325 ~ Roughly $7

Overall, I think this product is ok for pale-colored lips as it would give a nice natural tint. For me, it is currently serving the purpose of both a lip balm and cheek tint since it actually looks nicer on my cheeks :D.  It gives a healthy flushed look.

Tip: Use it on the cheeks as base color then sweep a highlighting powder (i used smashbox soft lights) on top.  You’d get a natural blush with a dewy effect.  Since the lip tint is also moisturizing, it helps hold the highlighting powder.



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